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Award Winners

                                                                  Eco Tempo 700ml sports bottle

                                                                  A single-walled sports bottle featuring an ergonomic
                                                                  design, made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. Plastic is
                                                                  collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major
                                                                  waterway that feeds into the ocean, then sorted and
                                                                  transformed into high-quality and food-safe recycled
                                                                  The Prevented Ocean Plastic programme is a global
                                                                  recycling initiative which helps tens of thousands of
                                                                  people around the world to earn their living, clean their
                                                                  coastlines and prevent ocean plastic, and are preventing
                                                                  over 1000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every
                                                                  month. Every time you buy a product with the Prevented
                                                                  Ocean Plastic logo, you are preventing plastic from
                                                                  reaching the ocean.
                                                                  reaching the ocean.

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                                                                  K2 stainless steel 650ml water bottle

                                                                  A good quality insulated, stainless steel bottle;
                                                                  manufactured from 304 premium grade stainless steel
                                                                  both inside and out to increase bottle life. The K2 is ideal
                                                                  for use with both hot and cold drinks and keeps cold
                                                                  drinks cool for up to 25 hours, hot drinks warm for up
                                                                  to 12 hours. The exterior is finished with an attractive
                                                                  powder coated covering, making it durable and non-
                                                                  slip but also providing design and modern feel. A 650ml
                                                                  capacity makes it equally ideal for use both indoors and
                                                                  out. The sports cap is perfect for use at the gym.
                                                                  The K2 is available with a flip up lid with straw, further
                                                                  widening its appeal and making the bottle ideal for use
                                                                  by children. A secure lid has a leak-proof lid with silicone
                                                                  seal. A handle has been incorporated into the lid for
                                                                  easy carrying. Cleaning is made easy by the wide open
                                                                  neck. Branding by full colour digital print, rotary or laser
                                                                  engraving. Packaging bottles are supplied in corn starch
                                                                  liners and sustainably sourced card boxes.

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